A Free APP for your smartphone or tablet

To download go to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and search for NESCHA Opinioneer

The app, or engagement tool as we call it, will help us to get views from people around the North East who are passionate, like us, about the quality of health and social care services and meeting the needs of people who use services, patients and their carers, in the best way possible. We also hope to share best practice, especially in participation.

On download no personal details are entered at all, simply some anonymous demographic information, so we can seek anonymous views.  Questions are answered in a few seconds, and, when a question ‘closes’ after say 24 hours, everybody sees the results. We will then inform people what we are going to do.

The app will enable us to hear from those unable to attend meetings for numerous reasons but who have views that should be taken into account.

Whilst we have made it very easy to answer single questions, perhaps once or twice a week, and we hope you will do so, you are free to ignore questions or delete the app, but we are confident that you will see the growing benefits of being so engaged.

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