NESCHA Conference 2018 - Highlights

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Driving improvements in the delivery and integration of Social Care & Health Services, using best practice in participation – the Conference was a great success down to everybody who was involved

Our aim is to be a respected pro-active North East organisation that listens, values and shares best practice, and makes a difference, helping and shaping the services of tomorrow, with an emphasis on personalisation.

We have all experienced, or are currently experiencing, or, being service users, carers or patients, and sometimes all of these.

We are all volunteers who are driven by our values and principles, chiefly of confidentiality and trust, to do what we can to improve the quality of services that we, and others, receive now and in the future. We know, for example, that many people in care homes, both residents, relatives and the staff themselves at times, and some supported as individuals in the community, seldom have a significant voice and we aspire to assisting them.

We seek to achieve our aims by listening to our members’ views and collaborating with the organisations they represent, and by using what we hear in our extensive networks, to help articulate and influence the shape and quality of services. We ensure that we do not share any confidential information from other organisations.


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  • About Nescha

    Wade Tovey introduces Nescha

  • Poor Practice

    Ron describes poor practice in a care home

  • Experience

    Wade talks about his personal experience

  • David

    David talks about his experience with Nescha

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Membership doesn’t cost anything and is open to anyone who shares our values, interests and aims
We have two forms of membership :

  • Core Membership

    Core members are ready involved in, or participate in, other networks like their local Healthwatch, or a GP patient participation group, or a charity aimed at a specific group of people who use services. Core members will be able to share, both ways, the best practice and issues that they see in their networks. Core members are often active in our projects.

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  • General

    Is for people who want to hear our news, and hopefully answer questions on our app [ see below] but who do not want to make any further commitment. We are generally seeking people who support our aims and have experiences similar to ours, and who might wish to talk to other members for support and advice, but will also add weight anonymously to help influence service providers.

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Our Constitution

The North East Social Care and Health Advisors was formed in February 2015 from some of the membership of the former NE Care Advisors.  NESCHA is a voluntary organisation with no staff, which serves the NE area from Northumberland to North Yorkshire.

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Free NESCHA app for your smart phone or tablet

The app, or engagement tool as we call it, will help us to get views from people around the North East who are passionate, like us, about the quality of health and social care services and meeting the needs of people who use services, patients and their carers, in the best way possible. We also hope to share best practice, especially in participation.

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