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Using the resource to explore and read experiences and delivery of best practice.

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More Information+

We have created our Best Practice Resource so service users/patients/carers and staff in social care and health services can easily share examples of best practice that they have experienced or have developed in their practice. We are focussing on the many positive ways of
working that exist rather than dwelling on negative experiences, but by focussing on sharing what works well, we hope this resource can help you and others, to learn and share. There is no charge for submitting or using the resources.

NESCHA is committed to sharing best practice in social care and health, with particular regard to person-centred care which often centres on integrated services. We continue to run many free events including forums, workshops and conferences to facilitate this process and along the way have built up a number of Powerpoint presentations and papers) which we want to build up and share easily with others, for the benefit of all.

Using the resource to share your experiences of, and delivery of, best practice general principles+

We need contact details if we need to clarify any issues but we will not publish these. We will publish your name and add your role and establishment if you supply these. The headings are a bit like the signs to sections in a supermarket, which you look at first, but you can then look at every item in that section.

The key words are a bit like searching for say bread in a supermarket – bread can be found usually in bakery, but there are connections to bread making flour or bread making machines in electrical.

Service users/carers/patients+

Add your contact details (all of which will not be published – only your name), insert your role and the subject and pick one of nine headings from the drop down menu which best fits (there is a tenth heading other if you don’t feel anything else works). Type into the box a description or outline of some best practice you have experienced. We don’t wish to name individuals or establishments without their approval but we don’t think this will be a
problem after checking it out.

Finally please add some key words that a person might use to find your submission.


Care and health staff, medical staff, academics+

Add your contact details (all of which will not be published – only your name, and your establishment), Insert your role and the title of document you are adding followed by a short summary a short summary.

Please then confirm the author of the subject and complete the permission section.

Note items in red italics are clicked to open section underneath. Pick one of nine headings from the drop-down menu which best fits ( there is a tenth heading other if you don’t feel anything else works). Add search tags/keywords to help others find your best practice work and then add your contribution which might be pdf, Word, Powerpoint etc.

Please note we can add videos on our YouTube channel too – email to discuss.

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