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Beyond barriers NEW CQC report about older people care and health

Date: 6th July 2018

We in NESCHA have been highlighting , for some years , the issues that CQC identifies as barriers in this report.

The recommendations might have been written by some of us and certainly are backed up by our Annual Conference about integration between social care and health.

Their recommendations are ambitious, but they must be , for without an ambition we will not address the needs of the growing older population and do so with dignity and more effective use of resources.Here are the CQC recommendations – they will appreciate comments as will we! Actions not words.

Their recommendations

    1. Reform of planning and commissioning of services. An agreed joint plan, funded in the right way, should support older people in their own homes, help them in an emergency, and then to return home safely.
    2. A new approach to system performance management. This would measure how organisations collectively deliver improved outcomes for older people.
    3. Joint workforce planning. This would allow flexible and collaborative approaches to staff skills and career paths.
    4. Better oversight of local system performance. New legislation so CQC could regulate how people and organisations work together to support people to stay well

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