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Hospital to home

Date: 26th September 2017

Our members have raised the issue time and time again from personal experiences and from meeting people in their networks. As a result we have run one of three Forums [ next 27th October and the third on 12th December] on the subject of care in the home. Obviously we all realise that hospital admission is always a possibility despite all the best preventative measures, but once treatment has been received its clearly best for the individual, and their family or carers, to get home soonest. The Guardian article highlights too the cost savings benefits a “stabilise and make safe” scheme in Trafford, Greater Manchester, has seen 70% of people achieving full independence and a £7.78 return on investment for every £1 spent”.

On personal level, having experienced  a few days in hospital a six bed bay, I saw two older patients ready for home but one not wanting to go despite family support and the other wanting to go but with no family support!

The red bag scheme sounds great too as long as all parties understand the significance. Again we are going to have a Forum in November about three projects which tried to monitor the health of people in care homes to pick up health issues early and reduce admissions. In two of these schemes there were yellow folders to accompany the patients with key information from preferred name and food, medication and DNARs. In many cases the folder went somewhere and hospital staff rang to ask questions , the answers of which were in the folders.  Communication  and collaboration is the key in this interesting article

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