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NHS app comes of age….

Date: 17th January 2024

There are many thought provoking details in this information . Its four years since NESCHA had the lead NHS developerer talk to us – and how times have changed – I have italicised  a couple of points that confound some of the doubters and critics

“The NHS App has twice as many users as Netflix’s 16.7 million subscribers with three quarters of adults in England now signed up, new figures show today.

As the app marks its fifth birthday, new data shows it has 33.6 million registered users, with monthly traffic to the app rising by more than half in the past year.

The total number of monthly logins has increased by 54% over 12 months, from 16.8 million in November 2022 to 25.8 million in November 2023 – the equivalent of 10 logins a second.

Today’s statistics also show that pensioners are the most active users of the NHS App. Nearly two-thirds (62%) of the 3.6 million registered users aged over 66 have accessed the app within the past three months, including more than 256,400 in their 80s and almost 17,100 aged 90 and over. [ again some doubters will say this is not surprising but many say older people cant use apps]

Whether viewing their GP health record, ordering repeat prescriptions, or nominating their preferred pharmacy – the NHS App hosts a range of features that enable patients to access key services from the comfort of their homes.

Each prescription ordered electronically saves GP practices three minutes of time and a patient 18 minutes, making it more convenient for people and freeing up frontline staff to do other important duties.

NHS chiefs have praised the huge progress made on the NHS app over the last five years which is becoming the ‘front door’ to a range of NHS services, including:

  • The number of appointments viewed or managed through the app has more than doubled in the last year, from 1.95 million in November 2022 to 4.1 million in November 2023.
  • There were 10.7 million views of patient records in the app last month, compared to 5.8 million in November 2022.
  • The number of repeat prescriptions has risen by almost half (48%) from 2.2 million in November 2022 to 3.2 million in November 2023.
  • Over the last five years, a total of 66.1 million repeat prescription have been ordered through the app, saving valuable time for patients and clinicians.
  • There has been a 6% increase in the number of over 50s signing up for the NHS App in the last three months, following the introduction of new services including vaccine bookings.”

And this link ttakes you to tye active data and usage is climbing


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