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Price of informal care?

Date: 8th February 2018

Vey interesting article in the Huffington Post on the issue that so many NESCHA members are aware of – the price of informal care. The article is based on some research.  As you will see the Department of Health and Social Care commented “Carers are invaluable to support supporting their family and friends but their own needs must be a priority too – that’s why we changed the law to introduce better rights for carers. We know the social care system is under pressure due to our ageing population so we’ve given an extra £2 billion funding and will publish plans this summer to reform the system to ensure it is sustainable for the future.”

Bearing in mind our recent workshop on good and bad research and the questions that were asked, its interesting to note that these findings were a result of some work  marketing research agency Opinium. The research was funded by WeMa

This company offers ‘an online services ecosystem. Empowering people to self manage their health and well being services’. Interesting use of technology using an app.  The shape of things to come? Or not?


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