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Side effects of medication – whose responsibility to review

Date: 15th August 2018

A member submitted this great question,  and the  post below, with some personal experience

The importance of side effects of some medications and the need to raise awareness especially when taken over a number of years without proper review must be challenged by not just the patient but by their GP also.

This important challenge on medication could not only save money but prevent unnecessary other medical problems.

This is the responsibility of the GP, Pharmacist , and Patient to work closely on a satisfactory way forward.

A recent case was reported where a patient had been receiving a pain killing drug for 10 years which resulted in severe internal bleeding causing an hospital emergency admission that should have been avoided had a proper review taken place.

What are others experiences and concerns? The damage to the patient? The costs of the inappropriate medication and subsequent treatment in hospital? The costs of potential litigation? Or the physical and emotional impacts on the patient and their carer?

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