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Successful Mini Conference

Date: 16th November 2023

We all enjoyed a very stimulating and interesting conference which we managed to stream to over 35 people who would otherwise not have been able to join us. The powerpoint slides ad the evaluation are contained in this link, and I am sure , if you wernet there you will appreciate how intersting all the speakers were.

Bruce Elliott provided great support at the conference  in managing chat comments and ensuring they were responded to in Q&A with panel members, but he also produced this resource pack below which may well be of interest too

Thanks so much for joining us and sharing so many questions and ideas on 8th November. We hope that the links and resources referred to below will help us all in bringing good practice to life in health and social care across the North East and North Cumbria.

A recording of the event which was made on Zoom using an iPad and so sadly isn’t of BBC quality but captures some of the energy and positivity of the day can be viewed at:

Passcode: p%1q?7nu

Understanding Patient Data: Some background to this important project that Richard Fitton referred to in his project can be found at:

Guidance on how you can view your GP held Medical Record can be found at:

Richard referred to the benefits of and need for Federated data platforms to enable better data sharing and there’s a useful, short introduction to development in England at:

The day after the conference this report, was published by the Chief Medical Officer just as Richard had mentioned about ageing population

The importance of ensuring that all people no matter what sensory needs or disabilities was referred to during Richard’s presentation. One charity that Bruce worked with closely during his career and provides great, practical guidance in this area can be found at:

Alex referred in her presentation to some examples of NIHR sponsored research, which was closely linked to some of the work of Health Call that Catherine had referred to earlier in the day, see:

You can access more details about the work of Health Call and how to contact them if you wish to provide input to their usability testing of their products at:

To get involved in our future work or share your examples of good practice go to:

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