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When venture capital meets social care – 17,000 residents may suffer

Date: 8th December 2017

Four Seasons  do great work with the organisation having won awards and many  great staff . We have worked with some of them and heard at our Forums. The staff though, and even more so the 17,000 residents and their families, are far removed from the high finance and venture capitalists who ‘own’ debts and more, and who can potentially bring misery to so many. We have always advocated further funding into the care sector, especially to take pressure off the NHS and some steps have been taken but they don’t really address the issues that so many governments have avoided.

The Government is pre-occupied with Brexit at the moment and for the foreseeable future, we can only hope that reason and consideration will be given to avoid the terrible consequences if Four Seasons goes into administration and at best, as the article points out, some 60 or 70 ‘less profitable’ homes closing.

Is there a season of good will or will the the money people win  out?

Post Script

We were pleased to see that the money people didn’t win out and common sense won out – at least for the time being!

One response to “When venture capital meets social care – 17,000 residents may suffer”

  1. Wade James Tovey says:

    Responses from our members on our phone app, indicate a 50:50 split on whether or not the government should step in. It looks like CQC has given a deadline of tonight to resolve the issue – but who knows? Hopefully no residents, or staff for that matter, will suffer because of this

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