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What does the NHS Ten year plan mean to you?

Date: 15th January 2019

The government and the NHS recently published its 10 year plan [ see easy read version ] with some £20b extra funding. We believe it represents the sort of thinking that we have been advocating for some time. Longer term and more joined up thinking is required ot prevent our NHS being overwhelmed. It looks to more work being done in the community and the use of technology, to prevent admissions – both things we have long advocated and run forums on. But we believe that more needs to be done for social care too and the promised GreenPaper is yet to be published and its expected to be a very green ( immature!) one at that!

Here is the BBC news item

The Nursing Times says it shows promise

The Kings Fund comments that ‘Ambition needs to be tempered with realism about the deep-seated difficulties facing the NHS and social care and the time needed to address them. The temptation to over-promise and under-deliver must be resisted, recognising that sustained improvements are possible if the government and NHS leaders demonstrate clarity of aims and constancy of purpose.’ We agree with that completely. Politicians and the media play on our concerns about our precious NHS and many join in on social media demanding more and more money and re-organisations, and press for local responses to need too.

But we all need to be conscious of our demands too ? For example see our forum on prescribing and look at this investigation by the i newspaper based on Freedom of Information requests of Trusts – and not all responded either but it seems that ‘Thousands not turning up for NHS surgery’

There is lots to think about here – what are your views?

NESCHA will soon be adding an online resource to share experiences and best practice.

NHS – 10 year plan and our part?

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