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When will we see a Green Paper? Damien Green testing out?

Date: 30th April 2019

The Green Paper on the funding of social care was put off after the furore that arose in the form of ‘the dementia tax’ as it was called, at just the time the Prime Minister called an election. It has been pushed back regularly since as Brexit has dominated everything.

Damian Green – an ex Minister pictured above –  appears to be testing out our latest views using the ideas  from the report of Centre for Policy Studies and their suggestions for the future funding needed for social care.  He said “You look ahead at the demographics – there are going to be twice as many over-75s in 40 years than there are now, 10 million rather than 5 million,” . Is this the future? What are your views? We in NESCHA have long argued that this issue has needed addressing for many years, especially as Germany and Japan, and others, took steps years ago for economic and social reasons. It goes without saying that if there is a non means tested NHS and a means tested social care system then people – service users, or are they patients,  will inevitably seek support from the ‘free’ service. So we have ongoing continuing health budget issues and the NHS is under pressure. We learned of a petition from, Lucy McCormack one our speakers at our dementia event, and this is about PIP for people under 65 diagnosed with dementia and this is worth supporting – see

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