15 seconds of your time can save 30 minutes – FEEDBACK

Our workshop was a great success with very positive feedback all round. is ‘a social movement to reduce frustration and increase joy in work’

The workshop was aimed at people working in the NHS or social care and service user/patient representatives who, like us,  are all united in wanting to improve practice.

We looked too at what makes great care and the obstacles to achieving it , and from this there were many personal/work ‘missions’ to use the principles of 15s30m to make a real difference.

One exercise involved standing and waiting 15 seconds to sit down. Most people were very near but all realised just how long 15 seconds can be and how it can save time later on!

Here are the key points on great care and obstacles to great care


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Event details

Event date: 22/05/2019
Time: 10-12
Hartlepool United FC, Super 6 Stadium, Clarence Road, Hartlepool, TS24 8BZ

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