Looking at quality, speed and teamwork

Workshop was delivered very successfully by Julia Wood.

Attendance 20. Signed in 17. Evaluations completed 13.

The feedback shows that all participants gave positive feedback regarding the event, particularly enjoying the interaction of group/teamwork in the practical exercises.

People generally felt that these clearly demonstrated some of the main dimensions of building Quality in to Services based on proper planning and design in order to ensure

clear procedures / processes and training are put to ensure Quality outcomes which everyone desires.

There was general consensus that the acoustics of the hall made it difficult for many people to hear the comments from the various groups and one person felt that there should have been mention of " mind/body " connection in the recovery process for patients / carers.

Several people felt that a greater cross section of agencies / professionals would have been beneficial.

Most people felt that NESCHA has a positive future role in the interaction, involvement and participation with Patients, Carers and the Social Care and Health Agencies in driving improvement.

An applause of thanks was given to Julia at the end of the very successful workshop.

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