Membership  doesn’t cost anything and is open to anyone who shares our values, interests and aims.

We have two forms of membership :

Core membership – core members are ready involved in, or participate in, other networks like their local Healthwatch, or a GP patient participation group, or a charity aimed at a specific group of people who use services.

Core members will be able to share, both ways, the best practice and issues that they see in their networks.

Core members are often active in our projects.

General Membership – is for people who want to hear our news, and hopefully answer the occasional questions  but who do not want to make any further commitment.

We are generally seeking people who support our aims and have experiences similar to ours, and who might wish to talk to other members for support and advice, but will also add weight anonymously to help influence service providers.

Please email us : with your details or complete a form  at one of our events  so we can contact you with news, details of meetings, projects or ask you for your viewsPlease note we will not use or pass on your details in any inappropriate way and will not share with any other party

Attending meetings may not be possible for you for many reasons but you may have views, which you wish to pass on to help us try to improve services.

You can input best practice into our Best Practice Online Resource whetehr you area patient, service user, carer or professional – all good practice should be shared.

We hope that you can join us to support our aims to help shape services to ever better meet the needs of people across the whole of the North East.

Many voices can make a difference.

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