AGM and Briefing at Hartlepower

Date: 17th July 2022

Very positive feedback from this event. Such appreciation shown for the late Ruby Marshall MBE and pleasure at the announcement of  NESCHA sponsorship of the Social Work Prize at Teesside University f or the next 5 years. There were updates on our projects and some very interesting debates and emerging issues. It was clearly demonstrated, as so often in our events, that in different parts of the region, health and social care can be practiced differently , which may be no bad thing in itself, but when one area can such good practice, another area can do so poorly in comparison despite similar resources. If you sign up to our newsletter we’ll send you a pen and a small torch – with the words ‘Shining a light on good practice’ which is what we intend to keep doing.

We are increasingly supporting research but also initiating our own and learning in the process. We have also learned more about using Freepost ( we are registered with Royal Mail) cards to gain feedback from the hard to reach and more.





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