Antibiotics Project supported by the AHSN

Date: 16th July 2019

NESCHA were part of a successful bid to the AHSN for this interesting project which is being undertaken in partnership with two GP practices and three pharmacies. In essence, patients ringing their GP for an appointment in the belief of a need for antibiotics for a chest infection, are asked to go to their local pharmacist for a quick and simple blood test. They are briefed and given their result and if needs be they  receive a fast track GP appointment for antibiotics if needed. If there is little or no indication of a need for antibiotics then the pharmacist can supply other treatments and a potential re-test.

To date the project appears to be working well to the benefit of the patients and the GPs. NESCHA have provided an information leaflet and an ex-planation and request to do follow up calls to ask how patients feel about the process.


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