Can small acorns grow well ?

Date: 26th August 2022

GP receptionist phones patient ( a Board member) – you need an appointment for your Rheumatoid Arthritis blood test. Ok – how about doing the blood tests for the type 2 diabetes and prostate at the same time? I’ll ask the GP.

Patient visits nurse for the blood test – all three blood tests carried out  at the same time – two appointments saved, more convenient for the patient and only one bandaid afterwards instead of three!

‘Shining a light on good practice’ the motto on our little freebie torch key rings – all new members can get one along with pen and notebook

S Tees re asthma inhaler project ( story elsewhere)  – mentioned at our AGM – two Healthwatch staff ( who use inhalers) present from Hartlepool didn’t know about the different types of inhalers or that the gases that drive the inhalers, is very bad for the ozone layer.

And another growing problem – the number of no shows or late cancellations for various NHS appointments seems to be rising  – our Project Leader has medical issues and has had appointments with GPs, nurses, eye tests, consultant, X rays, MRI and CT scans, and breathing tests, has asked about attendances- and in every type of scenario there was regular evidence of patients not showing up or cancelling at the last minute. In one specialist Xray there were some 7 of 25 no shows on one day’s worth of appointments . Patients need tests urgently and they all cost money MRI – between £1500 and £2200 and a CT scan between £450 and £600, and X rays £150 plus

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