Carers – GP support and a Carers Innovation fund of £5m

Date: 20th June 2019

Two impressive papers  just published to support carers and encourage new approaches.

‘Quality markers’ for how best GPs can support carers of all sorts, including young carers.

Examples of the kind of projects the fund would invest in include:

  • technology platforms – for example, to help carers to take a break from their caring responsibilities
  • support groups – like carers’ cafes and Men’s Sheds, which develop peer support groups and offer short courses to help reduce isolation

Projects will be expected to show a positive effect on:

  • carers’ health and wellbeing
  • carers’ ability to manage work alongside caring responsibilities
  • carers’ ability to take a break from their caring role
  • reducing loneliness and social isolation

Applicants will need to demonstrate their idea is a fresh approach that is better than existing provision, will benefit the local community and can be expanded and replicated.

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