HEE merging ?

Date: 22nd November 2021



Extract form a statement issued today

‘The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care will today announce his decision that Health Education England (HEE) will merge with NHS England and Improvement to create a single, better organisation with workforce right at its heart. HEE has long argued the NHS needs to better align service, financial and workforce planning. This move means those systems will be integrated at national, regional and ICS levels, simplifying the national leadership of the NHS and creating greater synergy around the People Plan, education and training, our reform programme and workforce transformation.

This will help us to better support colleagues to recruit the health professionals they need to deliver exceptional patient care, both now and in the future. The power to make this merger happen is currently working its way through Parliament as part of the Health and Care Bill so is subject to Parliament’s approval of that measure, expected in Summer 2022.’


Sir David Behan                                              Dr Navina Evans

Chair                                                                Chief Executive

Health Education England                          Health Education England

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