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Date: 22nd June 2020

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YOUR IDEAS for Zoom type meetings with up to a dozen like minded people? If you have any ideas or practice that you have developed through the Virus crisis which you would like to explore – please email us at so we can bring together small groups to discuss and learn in free one hour online meetings

My practice has changed for the better! 
The crisis has made us all think differently about  key workers especially, but not exclusively, in health and social care. But so many have reflected on the way people work in these areas but also the way we all exist  in our daily lives. Never have we had to use Zoom, or Webex, FaceTime, Skype, and so on to carry out our work or social contact and we have examples in this email. But also ways of working have changed, rules have been bent or abandoned to get things done as safely and as effectively in the circumstances.
We would like to hear from you what thing ( or things)  have changed for the better in your practice in the last few months? What do you do now that you wish you could have done before? What will never been done the same way again?
Please send us a brief ( a short paragraph or two ) by email and we will ( anonymously if you wish) publish the best in our next newsletter and on our website. We will award a £10 voucher of your choice or donate to a charity of your choice, for the most thoughtful five emails we receive by 14th July. 

We will also insert all ideas and thoughts into our Best Practice Online Resource. Please circulate to colleagues.

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