Patients’ Association petition re STPs

Date: 16th September 2017

The Patients Association say ‘We have heard from patients and patient groups from across the country who have told us they feel left out of the process yet rely heavily on local services that cease to exist or change dramatically because of STPs.  We believe the patient voice should be listened to at every stage of the STP process because only then will you have a health and social care service that reflects the needs and wishes of patients. Sign our petition if you agree that patients should have a say in shaping health and social care plans that will impact all of us.’ 

You can go to

to sign the petition . We encourage you to do so

In the North East – the Health Service Journal  reported on Thursday 14th Sept 2017 about merger talks being held across the 3 STPs in the North East and Cumbria to become one ‘Accountable Care Organisation’. Have you been involved?

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