PLACE – what is it? Patient Led Assessment of the Care Environment

Date: 29th August 2018

PLACE (Patient Led Assessment of the Care Environment)

April 2013 saw the introduction of PLACE, which is the system for assessing the quality of the patient environment, replacing the old Patient Environment Action Team (PEAT) inspections.The assessments primarily apply to hospitals and hospices providing NHS funded care in both the NHS and private/independent sectors but others are also encouraged and helped to participate in the programme.

The assessments involve local people (known as Patient Assessors) going into hospitals as part of teams to assess how the environment supports the provision of  clinical care, assessing such things as privacy and dignity, food, cleanliness and general building maintenance and, more recently, the extent to which the environment is able to support the care of those with dementia. From 2016 the assessment will also look at aspects of the environment in relation to the with disabilities.

Recruitment and training of Patient Assessors is the responsibility of those organisations undertaking assessments.

The assessments take place every year, and results are published to help drive improvements in the care environment.The results show how hospitals are performing both nationally and in relation to other hospitals providing similar services.Assessment focuses exclusively on the environment in which care is delivered and does not cover clinical care provision or how well staff are doing their job.

South Tees Hospitals NHS Trust perform PLACE LIFE which is performed once per month; as PLACE is a one day event and  this did not get a big enough overview of the full hospital. PLACE LITE throughout the 12 months assesses 24 departments and 24 wards, the findings and action plan is then shared with the Matrons for that area  and any jobs  that need attention are requested through the Serco helpdesk.

NESCHA currently has 2 Volunteer PLACE Assessors that participate in these assessments . South Tees Hospitals NHS Trust is always looking for more Assessors and anyone interested should contact Susan Seaman Senior Supervisor on  at

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