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Date: 9th July 2018

This report is a must read for anybody who works in social care or health, or has experienced or had contact with these services, especially, but not exclusively, with regard to older people.Evidence has been gathered from around the country and illustrated with case studies, some of which might have been right out of our members’ personal experiences. The clarity of the report is excellent with so many key issues addressed with so many examples of how so many real workers  and effective leaders can and do, make a real difference. Furthermore its not not all about shortage of resources but about using resources evermore effectively as we must  with a growing older population.

Sir David Behan, who so many of our members know from his work in Cleveland, is retiring from the CQC very soon. This report is a marvellous testament to all he has achieved in the CQC though, without doubt, he will be frustrated that so many can’t operate with the best practice the report identifies.

We urge you to read the report in full and encourage you to to comment to CQC and  invite you to comment in our blog

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