Feedback summary Spectrum of Care 12 December 2017

Date: 11th January 2018

Feedback Summary Spectrum of Care 12th December 2017

26 people attended (despite snow and ice!)

Key Learning

‘Very Interesting programme and learning from ALL speakers’

‘Learning about NESCHA ‘ and ‘how it collaborates with various organisations in the region’

Good practice from other organisations like

Carers Together (Ann Marie Garbutt –inspiring). ‘Was quite alarmed by the amount of money saved by unpaid carers’. ‘V. informative’ ‘The number of people available to help carers and how little information is available to many’ . ‘The massive support given by 7500 carers in Redcar supported by carers together’. [ see ]


The work of the South Tees CCG and the mental health commissioning group Allan Fairburn [see ]


‘PLACE and I had never heard of this organisation of volunteers’ [ see ]

Good ideas to take back’.

‘The CHAPS programme presentation ‘ [4 Seasons Care Home Assistant Practitioners – see ]


Do you think NESCHA can play a useful part in the region and if yes or no please state why briefly?

Yes x 5 – to network and view/discuss opinions and feedback

Identifying and sharing good practice

Yes – brings all agencies togetherx2

Bringing together very partners in health and social care in the region to pursue change and improvements in health and social care

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