Successful Event!

Date: 4th December 2022

The feedback from this event was universally positive.

Nikki Carter , Head of Commissioned Services for Care in the home. The South Tyneside Help to Live at Home Model of Care Delivery in ICS

Dr Angela Brown, CEO Training in Care Ltd & The Care People CICICS Skills Progression and Supported Employment Models of Best Practice

Steven Carter Advanced Practitioner Public Heath, A Public Health approach to the social care agenda incorporating Ageing Well, Isolation &Fall Prevention

Mike Maguire Local Professional Network Chair (Pharmacy), NHS England and NHS Improvement – North East and Yorkshire and Wade Tovey, Project Lead NESCHA

Many positives about all the speakers – all often named- and the joined up nature of the event.
Good suggestions for future events including a key one about ‘how to report bad practice’ [ the other side of our ‘coin’ of shining a light on good practice – and sharing it]; ‘more details about trials that keep people who don’t need emergency care health through advice and simple tests’;
and the type of comment we often get at NESCHA events
‘Why can’t we [in our area] have the type of care that we saw demonstrated in Nikki’s presentation? ‘
Above all everyone thought that NESCHA can, and should play a growing part in the region in sharing best practice about integration, personalisation and participation.
PowerPoints are shared here as PDFs

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